all about DDoS protection

The evolution of new technologies, still called high-tech, have revolutionized the way of life of men. They offer advantages to man in all aspects, saving him time and effort. This can be threatened by cyber attacks. In the rest of this article, you will get some clarifications on the development of a protected DDoS on koddos.

Colocation with DDoS protection, the solution to attacks

Finding a suitable framework to host our online equipment is not an easy task. Because of the importance of the tools it is necessary not to make a mistake. That's why koddos provides a colocation. The contribution of Koddos DDOS protection is essential. It is therefore a service that ensures and meets the needs of Web hosting. Its principle is based on the rental of non-virtual space on a data center. The objective is to allow the installation of its equipment still called servers. The user has the choice to rent a multitude of racks. Indeed, the bay will allow him to have a secure place to host everything he wants. In this case, a volume unit is used that is reduced to a "U" shape. Whoever gives the space will guarantee the safeguarding and maintenance of the physical building. Elements such as power within the said space will be provided by the latter. The temperature conditions and humidity must be of the order of the day for the progress of the task.

Technical contribution and responsibility of a web colocation

This work that leads to the firming up of the data forces the presence of rule. First, everything that the client brings as a machine must be maintained by the latter. Thus, he will change the parts and other elements that fail. The time that this work takes is not guaranteed by the web host. But one of the roles of the latter is the supply of internet and electricity. The subscriber can in some cases not ensure the management of outsourcing by paying the one who does it in financial good. The balance must be in place in this collaboration. It should be noted that some companies focus on colocation and others on traditional hosting. There are several companies in the server rental market, such as Magic Online, Ariane Network and OVH. Their function generally differs from one structure to another.